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li8761 Reverse Parking Sensor UpGrade Version 4 Pieces
h4 Car Distance Detection System /h4
A product found in all luxury cars such as BMW can now be installed in your car as well! The function of these sensors is to assist you while parking, ensuring that you park your car without hitting an obstacle or getting damaged. Based on motion sensor (ultrasonic wave) technology, this product will sound an alarm as soon as an obstacle is too near or is nearing down, to prevent any casualties and/or accidents. Parking sensors are of two types, those that alert you via sound alarm (audio) and those that have a visual add lion with audio alarm. Both are effective ways to prevent parking lot crashes and damages. In summary, not only are you getting a safety tool but also a luxury experience without having to buy a luxury car!
Also known as (Motion Sensors, Alarm Sensors, Parking lot sensors, Garage Parking Sensors)

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