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Car Exhaust Heat Wrap Insulation | Heat Wrap Chrome Aluminum Foil | Heat Thermal Wrap


100% brand new

DIY Universal Aluminium Adhesive Exhaust Pipe Heat Insulation Wrap Tape

Flexible, easy to apply and ultra light weight solution to reflect heat away from important components such as wrapping wiring and cables to hoses, fuel lines and covering seams

Can be shaped and trimmed to size

Made of one mil aluminized material bonded to woven fiberglass

Resistance high temperature, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance, low thermal capacity

Excellent high temperature insulation performance, long service life

Widely used in packaging line, fuel line, engine cover, seat, bulkhead

Self adhesive design, easy to install

Material: Fiber Glass/Aluminum foil

Size: about 25M x 5cm

Color: Silver

Long term temperature tolerance: 65℃/149°F

Short term temperature tolerance:


All intake/ suction kit

All intercooler tubes/ turbine tubes

All heat exchange tubes

Package included: 1x Aluminium Exhaust Pipe Heat Insulation Tape

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