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0W20 Meaning 0W20 engine oils are defined according to the specific SAE class. ADDINOL Economic 020 is a fuel lisaving motor oil with reduced HTHS viscosity of SAE class 0W-20. The optimal combination of base oils of the latest synthesis technology and innovative additives guarantees excellent performance and ensures excellent cold start behavior at low temperatures. APPLICATION AREAS Excellent for modern cars and vans. Especially for use in Asian and American vehicles with injection and turbo engines and catalytic converters. Preferably used in cold climates. CHARACTERISTICS Excellent cold start behavior Smooth running character Excellent wear protection Excellent engine cleanliness Best aging stability BENEFITS FOR THE USER Minimal cold start wear due to the excellent flowability at low temperatures Excellent fuel saving potential Maximum protection and long engine life Excellent cleaning properties guarantee a long service life for all components to be lubricated Longest oil change intervals even when using flexible service systems

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