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ADDINOL ECONOMIC 0W16 1 Litre / 0W16 Meaning / The engine oils of SAE class 0W16 are subject to a comparatively new classification for modern gasoline engines. They are multigrade oils with very good flow properties at low temperatures. 0W means that the oil remains flowable down to li40 °C. U to these low temperatures a good cold start behaviour is given. Wear in the engine is minimized. The second part of the SAE class description, the number 16 , indicates the kinematic viscosity at 100 °C. The viscosity of all 0W16 oils is in the range 6.1 8.2 mm²/s. Differentiation between the two classes is only possible via the HTHS viscosity. In comparison, engine oil of class 0W16 has even better values in terms of fuel savings, CO sub 2 /sub reduction and wear protection than 0W20 due to its lower viscosity. For which models can 0W16 engine oil be used? / The new SAE class was developed to promote environmentally friendly vehicles. The low pollutant emissions with lower fuel consumption are particularly kind to polluted cities. This is why SAE 0W16 class engine oil is mandatory for modern engines from many Asian (Japanese) manufacturers. The oil is also recommended for some hybrid models. The following manufacturers have already developed engines which require 0W16 oil: Toyota Lexus Honda Nissan Mitsubishi Subaru Suzuki

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