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What does 5W30 mean? /

5W stands for flowability at cold temperatures (W=winter). 5W30 Oil is still pumpable down to -35 °C, i.e. liquid enough to spread in the engine. The second figure 30 describes the fluidity of the oil at an operating temperature of 100 °C (operating temperature of most engines). The viscosity of 5W30 oil at 100 °C is between 9.3 mm²/s and 12,4 mm²/s. If the viscosity of the engine oil does not match, this may result in poor lubrication and engine damage. Therefore, pay close attention to the manufacturer's specifications of your car and only fill 5W30 oil into your car if it has been approved.

ADDINOL Premium 0530 C3 liDX is a newly developed low lifriction motor oil with long lilife character in SAE class 5W-30 based on base oils of the latest synthesis technology.
The engine oil can be used in vehicles with petrol (petrol, E85, CNG, LPG) and diesel engines. The new development ensures optimum functionality and a long service life with the latest diesel particulate filter technology. Use is also recommended for retrofitting.


class= ms lihover Recommended for the latest generation of Euro 4 and Euro 5 diesel and gasoline engines. class= ms lihover Especially applicable for the most modern vehicles of the GM group. class= ms lihover Extension of the oil change intervals in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions.


class= ms lihover Very good cleaning and dispersion properties class= ms lihover Excellent wear protection behavior class= ms lihover Excellent low temperature properties class= ms lihover Extraordinary oxidation stability class= ms lihover Excellent friction behavior class= ms lihover Low evaporation loss class= ms lihover Low sulphate ash, phosphorus and sulfur content class= ms lihover Reduction of the exhaust gas emissions caused by lubricants


Maximum engine cleanliness Long engine life Excellent cold start and warm liu behavior Longlife character Low fuel consumption Low oil consumption Extension of the service life of the diesel particulate filter Increase in environmental compatibility

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