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What does 20W50 mean? /

SAE class 20W50 describes the flow behaviour of an oil in different temperature ranges. Engine oils with the specification 20W50 belong to the multigrade oils. 20W determines the borderline pumping temperature of the oil at li20 °C. The oil in the engine compartment must still be pumpable until this cold. SAE Class 50 describes the flow behaviour of the oil at 100 °C

ADDINOL Super Star MX 2057 is an engine oil in the SAE class 20W li50 and is based on mineral oil refinates which, together with a selected combination of additives, meet the requirements of engines in the gasoline and diesel sectors.


class= ms lihover Multigrade engine oil, especially for use in diesel and gasoline engines with high specific requirements and performance


Good cleaning ability class= ms lihover Good anti wear additives Thermal oxidative resistance class= ms lihover Stable viscosity for all driving conditions


Good engine cleanliness Long engine life Good aging stability High lubrication security

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