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This Dynamic Ambeint Lights Set offers 18 pieces of RGB atmospheric lights to create a beautiful and functional ambience. It's perfect for interior design projects and can be used in any area to provide a unique, attractive look. With the App control, you can change the lights' colors, brightness, and modes quickly and flawlessly.

Mobile App Control 

Select Variant before buying 

Dynamic 18 Peices Set (Running + Still) 

- 4 Door Strips

- 4 Door Handle Bowl LEDs (Optional) 

- 4 Door Pocket LEDs (Optional) 

- 2 Dashboard Trips

- 4 Floor Atmospheric LEDs (Floor) 


Static 10 Pieces Set (Still Only) 

- 4 Doors Strips

- 2 Dashboard Strips

- 4 Atmospheric LEDs (Floor) 


Easy Installation

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