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7H hardness for scratch resistance. Super Hydrophobic coating on surface. High Gloss. Strong Weatherability. UV protection and corrosion prevention. Premium protective coating film after dry.
Applicating Capacity:

Bottle A: Degreasing Agent li50ml for one middle size car. Bottle B: Nano Ceramic Coating-30ml for one middle sized car. Bottle C: Polishing Protectant li50ml available for twice polish (2nd polishing shopuld be after 3 months).
Application Temperature: Do not use under the high temperature or sunlight directly. The temperature shopuld be 5~30 degrees celcius. Caution: A. Please operate under dry and dust free conditions, do not operate under sunlight or on the surface with high temperature. B. Control operating time and temperature, do not let the Nano Ceramic Coating remain long time with thick situation. C. Make sure the paint surface is clean and dry before applying this product. D. This porduct is applied to car paint surface, metal plating stripe, exhaust pipe, rim etc. E.This product is non edible, keep away from children and animals. Please store in a shaded place and kee away from fire. F.Please lock the ca after use to avoid exposure to aisr causing crystalisation. G. Please wash the sponge after use to avoid hardening. H. Avoid contact with eyes. I. First aid: For eye contact, flush thoroughly with water for 15minutes. Usage Directions: A. Wash the car with car shampoo and remove all the dirt on the painted surface carefully. B. Use polishing machine with rubbing compound Polishing Glaze/F052 Premium Coating Film(subject to paint conditions), then wash and dry the car. This ste is very important to make sure that the paint is in perfect gloss. C. Spray Degreasing Agent(bottle A) on the car paint to remove grease, and wash by clean water and then dry. D. Visual check with all the places, ensure that there is no dust or scratch on the paint. E. Pour the Nano Ceramic Coating(bottle B) on the matched sponge and soft cloth with moderate amounts, then apply it to the surface equallyin the order of up lidown and left liright. If uneven lines left in plating period, so will left after plating. So please be sure to apply evenly. DO NOT POUR NANO CERAMIC COATING ON THE CAR DIRECTLY. Please operate with small area (50*50cm) each time, once one part is finished then start another. Avoid large liarea operation. F. After completing the coating with all paint surface, wait for an hour to let the coating film dry. G. Spray POLISHING PROTECTANT (bottle C) on dry coating film and polish equally. H. Visual Checks with all coating film to avoid faulty area. I. Please wait for 2 hours after completing the process, to let is crystalize completely for the best effect. The car can be moved after waiting time. But do not wash it or pour water on it for 3 days. In case of water contact, dry off immediately. K. Flamingo advise to use POLISHING PROTECTANT (bottle C) in 2nd time after 3months.

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