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Shampoo with drying aid for manually washing vehicles. For cleaning painted surfaces, metal, glass, rubber and plastics. Stage one : Cleaning by special complexing agents Stage two : Drying by special surface active surfactants A thin water film is formed which dries evenly without leaving water stains. Wash without drying.
Directions for Use :
Before washing vehicle, rinse off coarser dirt with a strong water jet Dissolve two capfuls of shampoo in a bucket containing 10 litres of warm water Wash the vehicle with a large soft sponge Immediately rinse off shampoo residue with clean water Rinse out the bucket Dissolve 1 capf of shampoo in 10 litres of cold water Working from to to bottom, pour extensively over the vehicle. Depending on the size of vehicle another bucketf may be required Allow the vehicle to dry completely

Tip : Do not wash the vehicle in direct sunlight or when the paintwork is hot. After shampooing, it is recommended that the vehicle is rinsed immediately afterwards to avoid shampoo residue drying, or formation of water stains. The vehicle can be left to dry in the sunlight.
Safety data : Remove contaminated clothing. No special measures required

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