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This Dynamic Ambeint Lights Set offers 18 pieces of RGB atmospheric lights to create a beautiful and functional ambience. It's perfect for interior design projects and can be used in any area to provide a unique, attractive look. With the App control, you can change the lights' colors, brightness, and modes quickly and flawlessly.

Mobile App Control 

Select your variant before ordering 

Dynamic (Running) 18 Peices Set

- 4 Door Strips

- 4 Door Handle Bowl LEDs (Optional) 

- 4 Door Pocket LEDs (Optional) 

- 2 Dashboard Trips

- 4 Floor Atmospheric LEDs


Static 10 Pieces Set (Still Only) 

- 4 Doors Strips

- 2 Dashboard Strips

- 4 Atmospheric LEDs (Floor) 

Easy Installation 

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